Biometrics for Access Control

14 March, 2022

The number of walk-in thefts of electronic and other equipment, such as laptops, mobile phones, and staff possessions, has increased. To counteract this, the installation of access control is crucial to prevent unauthorized access to selected areas, either by staff or potential intruders. And iris biometrics-based access control is one of the most innovative automated technology solutions which utilize the advantages of iris technology such as a contactless approach, higher usability, stronger security and faster-capturing speed.

Solus Security System Company in India and Henry Equipamentos Company in Brazil are the two companies that are operating in providing security technologies. The companies specialize in the design, supply, installation, and maintenance of CCTV, access control, and associated systems with immense knowledge of both old and new equipment. Solus and Henry had integrated successfully our IriShield OEM module (IriShield MO2120) into their access control system to enhance security.

IriShield™ OEM module is an ultra-compact, auto-capture camera module, complete with onboard iris recognition and PKI-based security infrastructure that ensures complete data security. IriShield OEM module features IriTech’s superior iris matching and iris image quality assessment algorithms to provide good quality images and avoid false positives while maximizing true positive identification rates. The embedded algorithms can complete a matching query against 1000 stored templates in 0.5 seconds.

The iris-based access control systems of Solus and Henry that integrate IriTech’s IriShield OEM module are ID11, Argos Iris and Primme SF. These systems are the universal biometric readers allowing users to choose iris recognition & smart card technology under different variants of the product, within same enclosure hence maintaining same look, feel and user experience.

Iris Biometrics for Access Control