Biometrics for ATM Integration

14 March, 2022

Since its introduction 50 years ago, the automated teller machine (ATM) has evolved significantly and remains a central role in providing convenient and secure financial services to card holders around the globe. In fact, the mushrooming of ATM channels has increased the high-risk level of ATM fraud in banking operations. A FICO study has discovered that the number of compromised ATMs in the U.S. skyrocketed 546% from 2014 to 2015.

Among many security measures, the integration of biometrics into ATMs is gaining the majority especially in Asia and America. The solution not only adds a new dimension of security through biometric authentication but also enhances customer experience. IriTech’s next-generation iris camera – Gemini-Core with its top-notch iris recognition features has been trusted and integrated into Jing King Tech Group’s ATMs.

The core technology that makes Gemini’s iris recognition so unique includes:

  • Side-gazing of ± 25 degrees capability eliminates the need of aligning user’s eyes straight to the camera and thus provides an intuitive and convenient user experience to shorten the capturing time.
  • US government’s NIST IREX test top-ranked iris matching and iris image quality assessment algorithms.

iris biometrics for ATM

Jing King is a Singapore-based company with a strong business in financial automation solutions. The company has displayed Gemini built-in ATM at Fintech Singapore and received many prompt interests. The terminal has the ability to authenticate users through biometrics (face and iris) which helps to significantly save time, enhance security and increase the overall usability.

Biometric ATM demo with face and iris recognition