Biometrics for Global Workforce Management

14 March, 2022

Averda is an UAE-based global provider of integrated waste management services. Founded on 1964, Averda has more than 10,000 employees with 11 branches in Middle East, Europe, and Africa. With such a large number of employees working in 11 different locations, managing employee’s time and attendance effectively has become a challenge for Averda. Besides, as a waste management solutions provider, its workers have to wear gloves most of time and although fingerprint is a very popular modality but it is not a top choice in this case.

After searching for different time & attendance solutions, Averda has come up with the decision of selecting iris biometric-based time and attendance of IriTech solution to track its employees which is more accurate, stable and completely contactless compared to fingerprint. In details, the solution includes IriTech’s IriShield iris scanners along with T&A software called IriTracker Enterprise:

1. IriTracker Enterprise software

Averda installs IriTracker Enterprise on the server at its Headquarters which features enrollment/register of new employees, distribution of the new enrollment into Database & Clients and the logging of all attendance records. Besides, for each location, IriTracker Enterprise Client software is used for both enrollment and attendance functions.
Data from each location will be transferred to the server and kept in a database for storage and later verification.

2. IriShield Iris Scanner

Averda uses the total of 80 units of BK 2121U (binocular scanner, capturing distance = 15 cm) for its 11 branches. BK 2121U is used to connect into IriTracker Enterprise Clients on PCs and Android devices for enrollment and attendance purposes.

The detailed structure of the system is mapped as the below:

Biometrics for Global Workforce Management