Biometrics for Governments

14 March, 2022

Biometrics enables the secure delivery of government services to the citizens. In 2010, the India’s Aadhaar program was launched by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), aimed to provide each Indian resident with a unique identification number to enable easier, more efficient and secured access to citizen services and make sure the welfare benefits go directly to the right person.The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) was the world largest biometric project in history run by Indian government to register its 1.2 billion people with biometrics data. 

IriTech is proud to be the only biometric manufacturer in the world receiving STQC certification for both enrollment and authentication device for UIDAI project. In details, IriTech has enjoyed 44% of enrollment market share with our IriMagic product, a binocular iris scanner, was seen in many popular channels. Moreover, IriTech’s IriShield camera is the first biometric device receiving the STQC certification for authentication device for UIDAI project. Thanks to this achievement, our IriShield scanner has been selected by Chief Minister Chandreababu Naidufor pension distribution in Andhra Pradesh state.

Iris Biometrics for Governments Iris Biometrics for Governments

Biometric identification system by UIDAI project

As of May 2015; 840 million Indian people have been enrolled in the project, the wave of authentication market has come strongly when everything is linked to Aadhaar number like banking, insurance, pension, workforce management, etc. The continued success not only keeps IriTech at the peak of this wave but also reinforces our reputation in Indian market which is expected to generate over one million devices within this year.

India Fingerprinting, Iris Scanning Over One Billion People