Biometrics for micro ATM

14 March, 2022

In remote villages and the deep hinterland of India, installing ATMs has many limitations including the low number of accounts, low volume & value of transactions, and high cost of setting up an ATM machine. However, banking needs in India to be spread and the rural population are demanding easier methods of withdrawing and depositing cash, says a report by KPMG.

Towards this ends, Evolute has come up with a unique solution for this problem: handheld devices with biometric verification which can deliver all the services which are expected from a traditional ATM. Its functions like a normal ATM such as cash withdrawal, cash deposit, balance enquiries, and other functions under MGNREGA and more such banking operations. As technology evolves, biometric ATMs – a micro ATMs which is integrated with a biometric modality for authentication like fingerprint, face, or iris recognition is emerging as a cost-effective and ultimate solution for micro finance’s development.

Iris Biometrics for micro ATM

IriTech’s IriShield MK 2120U, an ultra-compact, auto capture iris scanner, has been chosen in this project not only because of its accuracy but also its flexibility as it can easily connect to a Leopard handheld micro ATMs through USB port. In details, customer’s iris will be captured by IriTech camera for identity authenticated first before performing transactions like withdrawing or putting money into their bank accounts. This helps to avoid any kind of fraud when customers make transactions. Moreover, regards of security and convenience, iris is more likely to excel than fingerprints. In fact, Indian farmers and laborers usually tend to get their skin on their palm thickened, due to which the finger prints get changed and it becomes difficult to verify.

The revolution with biometrics in banking – biometric micro ATM – provides many benefits for rural areas in India. For example, it eases of payments at doorstep instead of traveling long distances, minimizes queuing leading to operational efficiencies at Banks and increases the accurate and quick transaction for Indian rural.