Biometrics for Pension Distribution

14 March, 2022

According to a recent report, the Indian Pension department was losing Rs 1.20 crore annually by way of disbursing pension to beneficiaries suspected to be fake. The sources said there were 5 to 7 per cent claimants earlier who were suspected to be fake, but there was hardly any departmental check on them.

Andhra Pradesh is India’s fifth largest state spreading over an area of 276,754 sq. km; dividing into 23 districts. The Government of Andhra Pradesh implemented four pension schemes including Widow Pension, Disabled Pension, Weavers Pension and old age pension for the poor people.As of Mar 2013, the total Pensions are estimated 7,608,808 whereas 4,289,616 are Old Age Pensions.

In March 2015, India’s Andhra Pradesh state has launched an iris-based identity management solution developed by IriTech for enhancing pension distribution system. The Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu demonstrated IriShield USB MK2120U device during a launching event of Andhra Pradesh state’s iris scanning facility for pension distribution. “The state’s decision to use iris technology as a primary method to issue Aadhaar verified DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer) will address concerns of total inclusiveness of its residence as well as providing a more accurate and a hygiene solution,” says Binod E. Mathai, Director of Biometronic Technology.

Iris Biometrics for Pension Distribution Iris Biometrics for Pension Distribution

Pension distribution in India’s Andhra Pradesh state

Iris recognition is known as one of the most effective tools to provide the highest level of accuracy among all biometric modalities. With many advantages, iris is considered as the more convenient biometrics modality to facilitate the pension distribution.

The link of pension distribution to Aadhaar was expected to reduce the fraud and detect the fake beneficiaries. Earlier, the department used to disburse the pension on a quarterly basis. However, after the launch of the direct benefit transfer scheme, the beneficiaries are getting pension on a monthly basis.