Biometrics for Workforce Management in Seafood Industry

14 March, 2022

Ba Hai is one of Vietnam’s leading companies in the seafood industry. The company was founded in 2005 and has constantly increased investment in the expansion of product categories, business locations, and factories. Its core business includes breeding, collecting, and processing seafood; seafood import-export and cargo transportation. IriTech’s time & attendance has been deployed at one of the factories of Ba Hai. This manufacturing site has around 250 workers.

In detail, the solution includes a standard 7” tablet which has separated ports for data and charging. The data port connects to IriShield camera through an OTG cable, and the charging port connects to an external charging adapter. When the employees come in and out, they only need to align their eyes to the goggle and it only takes less than 3 seconds for the system to capture and identify an employee. The system runs in a “server-client” mode in which clients connect to a server via Wi-Fi. The capturing and identification process is done on board of IriShield and the results are sent to a server to generate an automatic report for administrative tasks. With the size of 250 workers, Ba Hai uses a total of 4 time & attendance systems at 2 different entrance gates of the factory.

Biometrics for Workforce Management in Seafood Industry   Biometrics for Workforce Management in Seafood Industry

Biometrics for Workforce Management (Seafood Processing Plants)

Previously, Ba Hai had adopted fingerprint scanners but since workers’ fingers are always in wet and wrinkly condition; it’s really troublesome and inconvenient for them to scan their fingerprint after many working hours. Ba Hai’s CEO, Mr. Hong decided to change the whole tracking system into iris recognition technology. As a result, their workers are very satisfied about our iris system as they don’t have to clean off their hands many times and the processing time is much faster than before. As said by Mr. Hong, the systems help them to track the working time of their workers effectively, streamline their salary report, which finally reduces the management cost and enhance the business efficiency significantly.