Biometrics for Workforce Management

14 March, 2022

Texmaco is one of Indonesia’s leading industrial machinery and equipment manufacturers. The scope of its activities comprises mainly of castings, industrial machinery, process equipment and engineering services. The Company started its commercial operations in 1984 with manufacturing facilities in different locations.

IriTech’s time & attendance has been deployed at one of the factories of Texmaco. The manufacturing site has around 300 workers running 2 shifts.

In details, the solution includes a standard 7” tablet which has separated ports for data and charging. Data port connects to IriShield camera through OTG cable, and charging port connects to an external charging adapter. When the employees come in and out, they only need to align their eyes to the goggle and it only takes less than 3 seconds for the system to capture and identify an employee. The system run as a “server client” mode in which clients connect to server via Wi-Fi. The capturing and identification process are done on board of IriShield and the results are sent to server to generate an automatic report for administrative tasks. With the size of 300 employees running 2 shifts, Texmaco uses the total of 3 time & attendance systems and it only takes about 10 minutes to clear the group.

The below video shows a scene of checking in at Texmaco site during a shift change by using our Time & Attendance system. According to Texmaco, they’re very satisfied about our system which not only helps them to fight the time theft but also saves the management cost and enhances the business efficiency.

IriTech’s Biometric Time & Attendance System