Case Studies


biometrics - Iris Recognition
Biometrics for Food Distribution

14 March, 2022

With the proven benefits of increasing accountability and transparency in previous refugee registration exercises, advanced iris biometric technologies are continued to be used by the Word Food Program (WFP) to deliver the right food to the right refugees, making sure that they get the food assistance they are entitled to. Oruchinga, Uganda has been the […]

Biometrics for ATM Integration

14 March, 2022

Since its introduction 50 years ago, the automated teller machine (ATM) has evolved significantly and remains a central role in providing convenient and secure financial services to card holders around the globe. In fact, the mushrooming of ATM channels has increased the high-risk level of ATM fraud in banking operations. A FICO study has discovered […]

Biometrics for Law Enforcement

14 March, 2022

For over a century, biometric systems have assisted law enforcement efforts. From the early twentieth century when the anthropometry system was replaced with fingerprint identification in France until now, more biometric modalities have been considered and used by many governments across the globe to automatically and accurately identify suspicious individuals. IriTech with its NIST’s IREX […]

Biometrics for micro ATM

14 March, 2022

In remote villages and the deep hinterland of India, installing ATMs has many limitations including the low number of accounts, low volume & value of transactions, and high cost of setting up an ATM machine. However, banking needs in India to be spread and the rural population are demanding easier methods of withdrawing and depositing […]

Biometrics for Healthcare

14 March, 2022

The World Health Organization (WHO) has defined that accurate patient identification is one of the nine priorities to improve patient safety. According to statistics recently, 67% of the errors in blood transfusions are due to misidentifications, 13% of all adverse effects that harm patients in surgeries are due to wrong identifications and ID wristbands only […]

Biometrics for Global Workforce Management

14 March, 2022

Averda is an UAE-based global provider of integrated waste management services. Founded on 1964, Averda has more than 10,000 employees with 11 branches in Middle East, Europe, and Africa. With such a large number of employees working in 11 different locations, managing employee’s time and attendance effectively has become a challenge for Averda. Besides, as […]

Biometrics for Self-service kiosk

14 March, 2022

Biometric technology is gradually becoming main-stream in commercial and public sector these days. As biometric applications can enhance customer services and streamline operation system, there is a huge ROI gained by their implementation. In this case, biometric self-service kiosk can be a great example. Biometric self-service kiosk is an electronic kiosk with an inbuilt biometric […]

Biometrics for Access Control

14 March, 2022

The number of walk-in thefts of electronic and other equipment, such as laptops, mobile phones, and staff possessions, has increased. To counteract this, the installation of access control is crucial to prevent unauthorized access to selected areas, either by staff or potential intruders. And iris biometrics-based access control is one of the most innovative automated […]

Biometrics for Workforce Management in Seafood Industry

14 March, 2022

Ba Hai is one of Vietnam’s leading companies in the seafood industry. The company was founded in 2005 and has constantly increased investment in the expansion of product categories, business locations, and factories. Its core business includes breeding, collecting, and processing seafood; seafood import-export and cargo transportation. IriTech’s time & attendance has been deployed at […]