Cloud-based Iris Recognition Solution

17 December, 2021

IriSecureID is a cloud-based service providing variety of iris recognition functions including enrollment, verification, identification, and de-duplication to applications and enterprise service developers.

IriSecureID is deployed as Web Services which make it easy to integrate into any existing applications. As a cloud-based service, which is highly scalable and available it can be applicable for a wide range of enterprise applications.

How IriSecureID Works

IriSecureID system consists of the IriSecureIDService deployed in the cloud server, a software component called IriSecureIDAdapter on a client side, and a client application called IriSecureID Client which is implemented as a rich graphic user interface application or enterprise service.

IriSecureIDService contains a Load Balancer that receives requests from client applications and distribute to different redundant processing nodes in the cloud server. The client application connects with IriShield camera to capture iris images and utilizes IriSecureIDAdapter to send enrollment or matching requests to IriSecureIDService through secure communication channel SSL.

Why Choose IriSecureID

  • Completely secure against various attacks with on-board processing, PKI-based encryption, secure client/server communication channel, and sophisticated forking matching algorithm
  • Ubiquitous access with cloud-based servers and ultra-compact cameras
  • Cost-effective with flexible pricing model of the server software
  • Suitable for both small- and large-scale applications
  • Easy to deploy, operate, and maintain
  • Easy integration with existing applications and services with standard web service architecture

Main Characteristics

High Performance:

  • Highly accurate iris recognition algorithm proven with NIST test
  • Fast searching algorithms – up to millions matches per second

High Security:

  • Device data encryption level with PKI features from IriShield device
  • Data transfer between client applications and server is secured by SSL encryption
  • Data is securely stored on cloud storage by strong encryption using AES

High Availability:

  • Easily rescaled up to any performance or storage requirements utilizing cloud architecture.
  • Transparent scalability with a Load Balancer
  • Easily adapted to various demands of application load

High Scalability:

  • Redundancy of server nodes and database storage ensures the availability of service in case of failure
  • Fast and transparent server node switching based on clustering model

A Cloud-based Iris Recognition Service – IriSecureID Client