Dr. Daehoon Kim: Iris recognition is most accurate for identification

8 January, 2016

Government of India’s Aadhaar Unique Identification project is the most ambitious projects of its kind that was under taken by any government organisation. Currently around 900 million Indian residents are registered Aadhaar card holders. A lot of technologies have gone in to make this feasible and one of the most important among them is the use of Iris scanning and recognition.

Speaking at the launch of Sateri Systems’ CCure Anti-virus and Anti-hacking software launch event in Mumbai, Dr Daehoon Kim the founder of IriTech Systems (which was instrumental in implementing the Iris Scanning process during Aadhaar registrations) stressed on the importance of protecting your identity. 

According to Dr Kim, for a project which has as large a scale as the government of India’s Aadhaar project, finger print scanning and identification is not the safest method. “Many people in the rural areas do hard labour using their hands. And at times the fingerprint scanners are not able to record the exact fingerprints in special cases where the fingers are injured or baked with mud. Also scanning each and every fingerprint is a time consuming process. Iris scanning in comparison is much faster and with such big projects, it also makes economical sense.”

We spoke at length with Dr Daehoon Kim on other aspects of iris scanning and how it will help us in the future.

Dr. Daehoon Kim, CEO, IriTech explains the tech behind Iris Scanning

Dr Kim was quite appreciative of the initiatives that are being undertaken by the government in making Digital India a reality. According to him a lot of countries including the United States are quite impressed with India’s UIDAI project which has around 900 million residents on record in India.

The CCure anti-virus and anti-hacking software also comes with a companion app – CCure Ongo – for your smartphones. The special feature of this app is called Detection Wall, which will list all applications which you may have accidentally given permissions to read your call logs, SMSes, record audio and location trace etc., keeping you aware all the time. Another feature on the apps is to allow or disallow applications from accessing internet either in foreground or in the background.

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