14 March, 2022

E-commerce is considered as an outcome of globalization and technology outbreak of the 21st century. The consistency on Internet privacy protection plays an important role to boost the development of e-commerce. However security protection for the consumers is still posing a barrier to the growth of e-commerce at this time.

Global consumers are constantly looking for increased speed and ease of use, they will gradually move to e-money accounts, which offer the benefits of a traditional bank account with the addition of increased privacy, reduced charges, faster responses and improved consumer interfaces.

Therefore, security and convenience have increasingly become an important global consumer demand when making payment transactions. Using iris biometric technique increases the confidence and satisfaction of the customers and boosts the number of online transactions, while the issuer benefits by reducing the costs of fraud in each transaction.

IriTech‘s products can be applied to enhance security and efficiency of E-commerce as the below table:

Hardware Software
  • Irishield Series
  • IriMagic Series
  • IriHerald


  • IriTracker
  • Iris SDK
  • IriCore
  • IriMaster
  • IriSecureID
  • IriVerifier