Education Sector

14 March, 2022

Biometrics in schools has long been used primarily in developed countries such as the UK and US. With the use of iris technology, it can address many problems occurring from elementary to university such as truancy, library books borrowing, cashless canteen systems, vending machines, class attendance, payment into schools and home/school bus journeys. Schools will be capable of monitoring teacher performance on class, in school and allow them to have limited authorization to access different resources and report accurately the teaching status.

Besides, an issue on student security has been raised over the years addressing mass crisis on terrorism that causes tragedy and painful loss to many families. Schools are now prone to apply biometric system into their educational system as part of primary solution against identity theft and kidnapping and verify candidates in the exams.

IriTech‘s products can be applied to enhance security and efficiency of education industry as the below table:

Hardware Software
  • Irishield Series
  • IriMagic Series
  • IriHerald


  • IriTracker
  • Iris SDK
  • IriCore
  • IriMaster
  • IriSecureID
  • IriVerifier