ForYourIrisOnly Solution – Iritech, Inc. releasing powerful software to protect user’s data from insecure access

26 March, 2013

Most of users find it difficult to remember multi-passwords on different programs. Besides, a traditional way of creating passwords drives users to complex setting of numbers and letters. Once they lose the key, their memory encounters a tricky question: “What the heck is my password?”

IriTech, Inc. – a Virginia-based company has produced ForYourIrisOnly (FYIO) software, the first commercially scalable, agile iris- capturing software that captures an eye to access password-protected computer log-on. With the latest product research, FYIO was designed in hope of being a safe-guard to applications, files or folders on smartphones and tablets. FYIO can detect unauthorized users from confidential data which can be encrypted or decrypted.

FYIO is a multifunctional tool for data security and satisfies user’s expectation. This software is compatible with IriShield™ camera which has been introduced to worldwide developers last year.

Though IriTech, Inc. already has a line of iris camera device and supported software for further developments, this friendly-used FYIO software could provide such high-level biometrics technology to various users.  With a strong development allowing users to work more efficiently, IriTech, Inc. guarantees a level of security incomparable with any other biometric, password-encrypted or card-based system today.

A FYIO user could simply sign in to a password-protected computer with a Windows 7 or 8. It could even access a credit-card account online using our software that most of users think that it only happens in the movies. IriTech, Inc. will be releasing FYIO software on March 26, 2013.

FYIO works through capturing the iris generating a unique string of numbers for each log-in by a user. Users simply hold the camera device up to their eye after first installing the software to establish the password-protected computers/smartphones/tablets they want to access using FYIO.  

IriTech, Inc. believes that Iris-capturing offers a high-level of identify protection as opposed to fingerprints since the human iris has some 2,000 points used to identify an individual’s unique eye while the latter have only less than 20 points.