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    Gemini-Venus is a unique technology solution aiming to provide developers a smooth and seamless development experience by allowing utmost flexibility to build vast applications in multiple industries. Gemini-Venus is a small form-factor module storing up to 5000 templates, which leverages the use of Gemini in local recognition or in heterogeneous system.

    Gemini Iris Recognition Technology IriTech

    Descriptions &


    • Long capturing distance (35-50 cm)
    • Side-gazing capturing capability (± 25 degrees off-axis)
    • Secure on-board processing by industrial standard cryptography hardware from Freescale
    • NIST-proven extremely accurate iris matching and iris quality assessment algorithms.
    • On-board storage and matching up to 5,000 IDs
    • Seamless system integration through intuitive API.
    • Supported image format: ISO Standard 19794-6, K1, K2, K3, K7.
    • Supported communications: USB, Ethernet.
    • Supported OS’s: Windows, Linux, and Android.



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    Document Version
    Manual Gemini-Venus HW Developer's Manual_v0.1.pdf 0.1
    Brochure Gemini-Venus Brochure.pdf 1.0