HD Barcode LLC and IriTech Inc. Partners to Introduce the World’s First Iris Verification ID Card Solution!

25 May, 2017

Mobile Positive Identification without Requiring the Internet or a Database

HD Barcode LLC and Iritech Corporation have partnered to introduce HD IrisCheck™; the world’s first ID card with biometric iris data embedded in a proprietary 2D code called HD Barcode. Unlike public codes that can be created by anyone, such as QR Codes, HD Barcode requires a secure code generator which remains with the customer. This ensures those with the ability to read HD Barcodes may not create or alter code data.

Schools and institutions have been reluctant to create and maintain databases containing personal identification information as possible breaches may compromise sensitive information. By temporarily obtaining iris scans, creating the secure code, and immediately purging personal information from the client machine, there is no data stored. Each agency or school will have a unique password protected code generator integrated on their server or would be granted cloud based access to create HD Barcodes. This eliminates the chance of backdoor hacking from occurring. Mobile devices with the authorization key will be distributed to select personnel for the sole purpose of reading only their HD Barcodes and no others. These mobile readers will use the USB enabled IriShield™ scanner for scanning and matching an individual’s iris to the data contained in the HD Barcode.

Embedding this information into a secure HD Barcode™ ensures information is readily available without a database lookup, Internet connection or even during power outages. Using a mobile device, authorized personnel are able to instantly verify an individual’s identification with HD IrisCheck™.  Additional text incorporating emergency medical information or other pertinent data can be embedded in the code and displayed to authorized mobile devices as well.

Accuracy of Iris Verification

Comparison studies between the many forms of biometric verification have been done by numerous agencies and institutions and have shown iris recognition to be superior. First, there is a high level of detail that can be captured in a person’s iris and stored as a template. Second, the technology is non- intrusive in that this is a non-contact form of verification. Iris patterns also remain relatively constant throughout the life-cycle of an individual. The system can even detect between a real eye and a photograph of an eye.

Additional information concerning HD Barcode can be found at: www.hdbarcode.com 

Additional information concerning IriTech Corporation can be found at: www.iritech.com

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