Healthcare Biometrics

14 March, 2022

With impending changes to the Health Care system and as medical record management experiences adjust to technology, patient identification method will undeniably follow the path. A combination of password, identification card and iris images can be used for secure access to sensitive records. The patient registration requirements are typically used across numerous tablet devices within the hospital environment.

* Solution for patient identification

Healthcare management application provides an option to identify proper insurance status that prevents fraudulence and duplicate medical records. The patients will get the correct treatment and stay safe.

Furthermore, the use of iris technology helps to protect personal medical information which is considered highly private and sensitive.

  • Tracking the patient registration, treatment or passageways to different departments, repetitive treatment, and checkup arrangement
  • Supporting national or private Health Insurance Cards, Ambulant treatment document, wrist bands and iris biometric identification using ID Center

IriTech‘s products can be applied to enhance security and efficiency of healthcare management as the below table:

Hardware Software
  • Irishield Series
  • IriMagic Series
  • IriHerald


  • IriTracker
  • Iris SDK
  • IriCore
  • IriMaster
  • IriSecureID
  • IriVerifier