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    IriCore is the next generation of IrisSDK that has been improved tremendously in terms of accuracy and matching speed.

    IriCore utilizes the new template format that are more compact for network transmission or storage in smartcards and can support up-to-date ISO image formats.

    IriCore - IriTech Iris Recognition Technology

    Descriptions &

    Including the best Iris recognition algorithms:

    • IriCore is an iris recognition SDK which has been developed by IriTech for many years. All of the iris recognition algorithms packaged in IriCore have been tested and proven to be solid and well performance by the NIST’s ICE & IREX.

    Operating System Support

    • IriCore is capable of running on Windows, Linux, Embedded Linux and Android operating systems.

    Ability to many popular image formats

    • The IriCore is supported to read/write from/to popular industrial image file formats, such as BMP, JPG, JP2, PNG, etc.

    Ability to Recognize IriTech’s images

    • IriCore supports ability (optional) to recognize whether the incoming images from IriTech’s camera or other company’scamera devices. IriTech will provide a very competitive price package for the end-to-end solution when using IriCore library together with the IriTech’s capture device family (IriShield/IriMagic).

    Image Compression

    • IriCore SDK has the capability to do the image compression/decompression to/from lossy compression formats (JPG,JP2, etc.) and lossless compression format (PNG).

    Standard Compatibility

    • IriCore library conforms to the current ISO standard 19794-6. IriTech has developed IriCore to be ready for new forthcoming ISO standard that includes new image formats such as Rectilinear (K1 in IREX test), Cropped (K3 in IREX test) and Cropped and ROI-masked (K7 in IREX test).