Iris Solution For AR/VR

14 March, 2022

Among biometric modalities, iris recognition seems to be more suitable for AR/VR than the others because the device mostly covers the eye part. Iris OEM module can be integrated into the device with NIR LED to capture the user’s iris and do eye-tracking at the same time.

However, the current iris technology is still affected by direct light which caused reflection and iris pattern loss. Not to mention that the user’s eyes will look around and not straight at the glasses so the technology should be able to detect iris with high level of side-gazing and pupil dilation. With the capability to tackle those issues, IriTech’ iris recognition can be a perfect solution for identity management on AR and VR devices.

Applications of iris biometrics in AR/VR:

  • Personal applications and account management
  • IoT security: Smart Car – CarPlay/ Android Car
  • Device log-on: smartphone, laptop, PC (glasses will send keys to doors/cars/PCs, etc. via Bluetooth)
  • Mobile payments/ E-commerce
  • Single sign-on (SSO)