Iris Solution for Vaccine Passport

17 December, 2021

The concept of Vaccine Passport or Vaccine Certificate rolling out as a result of an unexpected outbreak of global COVID-19 pandemic has created public controversy upon its application. Ever since, several systems have been proposed to tackle the long-lasting effects, generating numerous solutions to hopefully bring back the pre-pandemic normality.

The two most concerning issues in terms of security of Vaccine Passport remains in the authenticity of the certificate and its holder. While the former discusses about the possibility of how these systems prevent fraudulent certificate, the latter questions the verification process in proving if one bearer is genuine. This is not to mention other ethical concerns that need to be addressed such as individual privacy if the data is being centralized stored or discrimination due to certain inequalities.

Biometrics is well-known for its practical benefits, and as soon as the pandemic hit, this industry’s value is clear to be seen and acknowledged worldwide. With the strong growing of contactless trend in biometrics, iris recognition is by far the best technology to be deployed in helping reduce the risk of sending people back to normal, reopen the economy and reignite the world.

Iris Solution for Vaccine Passport - IriTech

IriTech has soon to joined the war against COVID-19 and been implementing numerous R&D to come up with a so-called “Iris Solution for Vaccine Passport”. The system is born to solve the existing concerns on the markets, enable the Vaccine Certificate process to be carried out with highest security. By adding the iris recognition technology, fraudulent certificate and the authenticity of one identity can be verified precisely.

This solution is no where to be applied in just one program. With its practical system, it can easily adapt various purposes like the integration of other essential records or ID documents. IriTech is currently providing this solutions to many partners and under discussion to apply in many categories. For more details on “Iris Solution for Vaccine Passport”, please get in touch with us via email info@iritech.com