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    IriSentinel continues the quality legacy of IriShield™, outstanding performance in addition to its versatility, compact factor and cost effectiveness. IriSentinel is a compact embedded system that consists of an Automated Iris Acquisition Service which coordinates a Realtime Quality Evaluator, an Iris Segmentation engine and an ISO/IEC 19794-4 Iris Data Record Generator to capture qualified iris images within seconds. IriSentinel is the first L1 authentication iris device installation compliant with MOSIP requirements (MOSIP SBI 2.0 compliant) with integrity and performance are independent with host systems, resistant to malicious wares and cyber-attacks.

    IriSentinel Iris scanners


    IriSentinel was developed specially as L1 devices based on UIDAI’s Aadhaar Registered Device Specification at the beginning and has been continuously evolved to be compliant to the latest version of MOSIP SBI 2.0. The specification requests all biometric acquisition devices to be used in MOSIP platform have to follow certain standards/protocols and especially, to satisfy different stringent security requirements, which these devices are based on to classify into two levels: L0 and L1.


    The combination of IriTech’s award-winning algorithms, NXP’s powerful secure hardware components and a tight partnership with MOSIP makes IriSentinel the strongest iris acquisition device that promises to tackle the security stringencies governments and enterprises need.

    Descriptions &


    • Outstanding Iris Image Quality
    • Embedded NIST-proven iris image quality assessment algorithms
    • MOSIP SBI 2.0 compliant
    • Embedded MOSIP Device Service
    • Foundational Trust Module (FTM) supported


    • Cost-effective
    • Ultra-compact, light weight
    • Supporting power management functions
    • FREE Software Development Kit (SDK)



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