IriTech develops iris authorization device that can capture images under direct sunlight

16 January, 2015

Iris-based identity management firm IriTech announced it has developed a new technology that can accurately capture and process iris images under direct sunlight of over 100,000 lux.IriTech claims the new iris authorization device will significantly increase iris recognition technology’s convergence with the various industries such as mobile devices, wearables and automobiles.

One of the major drawbacks of iris recognition technology is the issues it encounters when attempting to capture a clean iris image under direct sunlight.

The visible light signals are too strong for iris cameras to accurately capture the iris pattern within an IR region created by a LED light source that it would create reflections in the eye.

And despite there being several solutions on the market that eliminate these reflections in the eye to ensure an effective iris image capture, they tend to be bulky or expensive add-ons or components.

Since IriTech’s new technology does not require any major components, the company said the additional cost will be relatively minimal.

“This is finally a viable solution to take iris recognition mainstream. Especially at a time when mobile devices and automobiles are embracing biometrics,” said Dr. Daniel Kim, CEO of IriTech. “Our technology will make sure the user experience is not compromised in bright environments.”