IriTech, Inc. introduces IriTracker, Time & Attendance Software using Iris Biometric as its cutting-edge solution for workforce management

2 May, 2013

IriTech, the global spearhead in Iris Recognition Technology, today announced its new IriTracker software, an addition to prevailing innovative IriShield™ Series. It is believed to provide a fast-tracking time and accurate attendance for enterprises. IriTracker permits only authorized admin to supervise check-in and check-out process within working hours.

“We are very excited to present IriTracker which will boost an economical tracking system utilizing our IriShield™ Camera Device to the market” said Dr. Daehoon Kim, Chief Executive Officer at IriTech.  “With IriTracker, a firm has full control, which can top to better situational awareness, time management and data safekeeping.”

The distinctive Iris Biometric Time & Attendance software can strategically reduce payroll expenses and reject manual inputs. IriTracker is running with IriShield™ camera, a device embedded state-of-the-art iris recognition algorithms which were tested and proved by NIST (National Institute of Science and Technology). It is responsible for capturing and matching templates up to 1000 people. Employees will be obligatory to enroll their irises for registering and presence record. IriTracker will routinely calculate the total working time and generate detailed reports for external payment structure via download or direct printing. 

IriShield™ camera is a handy device which can be easily kept and placed in any site and used as check-in points. Moreover, IriTracker is easy to install and maneuver. No training or IT skills needed to accomplish. Employees merely have their eyes captured and verified to start their works. The company ought to list all their employees for enrollment and storing into their attendance system for further functions.