Iritech, Inc. to Become a Partner of MOSIP’s Compliance Program

17 March, 2021

IriTech, Inc. is one of very few iris providers who owns all in-house proprietary technologies vital for deploying any scalable end-to-end iris ecosystem. IriTech provides a wide variety of products ranging from software to hardware. In terms of the signature lines, IriShield and Gemini are the perfect candidates considering their cost-effective price and excellent quality.

IriShield Series are trusted globally by private and public sectors with large-scale, prestigious projects, like India National ID (Aadhaar), UNHCR, WFP, WHO, etc. IriShield is perfect for acquiring iris images of different ISO-compliant interchange formats and kinds, which facilitates the interoperability between algorithms from different vendors. Proven through the most rigorous, independent field tests and certification processes (e.g., STQC certification), IriShield has demonstrated its outstanding security from malicious wares and cyber attacks due to the encapsulation of all critical processing flow inside an independent system. IriSentinel is the new series to continue the legacy of IriShield and take it to another level of security and cost optimization. IriSentinel has been certified by UIDAI India for current L0 device and achieved nearly 0% FRR through numerous FRR tests.

Comparing to IriShield, Gemini shares similar iris recognition functionality, yet provides higher usability and better user-experience as its high-resolution sensor covers both eyes; with stronger computing resources, Gemini can smoothly track and capture both irises simultaneously within seconds.

Iritech proudly to become a partner in MOSIP’s compliance program and is eager to see the potential opportunities that come along with this compliance, e.g., eligibility to work with adopters at early-stage, chances to align and work with MOSIP to contribute to various technology initiatives, etc.

The Modular Open Source Identity Platform (MOSIP), being funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Sir Ratan Tata Trust and Omidyar Network, is a modular and open-source identity platform which provides and embraces scalability, security and flexibility to helps user organizations such as Governments to implement and configure a digital, foundational ID in a cost-effective way.

Those companies whose devices pass the compliance test will join a group of over 25 biometric devices and Foundational Trust Module Providers around the world to closely work and collaborate with MOSIP to meet the standards and expectations of governments in effort of digital ID systems.