IriTech, Inc. to showcase mobile iris-barcode solution at MWC Shanghai 2017

23 June, 2017

Iris verification against a barcode using an iris-enabled phone

FAIRFAX, Va., June 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — IriTech, a leading iris-based identity management solution provider has partnered with barcode technology provider HD Barcode LLC to develop HD IrisCheck™, the world’s first iris verification ID card solution working with ‘Smartphone with Iris’.

HD IrisCheck™ will enable entities to issue ID cards with encrypted iris data embedded in a proprietary 2D barcode called HD Barcode. The solution provides significantly improved security compared to that of other public codes such as QR codes and is more cost-effective compared to IC chip smart cards. Embedding encrypted iris data into a secure barcode ensures information is readily available without a database, internet connection and even during power outages. Using a mobile device with an integrated iris camera or connecting a mobile with a USB enabled iris camera such as IriShield™, authorized personnel are able to instantly verify an individual’s identification with HD IrisCheck™. The solution utilizes the mobile device’s normal camera to read and decrypt the iris-barcode and its integrated iris camera (or an external IriShield™ camera) for matching.

HD IrisCheck™ is a revolutionary identity management solution as it enables identification through mobile devices without requiring a database or network. Amid the increasing sensitivity over privacy issues, governments, institutions and private entities have been reluctant to create and maintain databases due to potential breaches of personal information. On the other hand, many governments or institutions that have created a database have difficulties in fully utilizing it as network infrastructures are scarce in rural areas of developing nations.

About IriTech

Since its establishment in 2000, IriTech, Inc. has been focusing on developing the most advanced iris recognition technology and products. Its iris matching algorithm was top ranked by NIST’s IREX test and widely used by several US government agencies. IriTech is the only vendor achieving all three STQC certifications on iris cameras for enrollment, authentication, and mobile devices for the Indian government’s UIDAI project—an ambitious plan to issue biometric ID cards to 1.2 billion residents. Those cameras have also been used by UNHCR, UN WFP, US Army, and many other customers globally. For more information, please visit www.iritech.com.

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