IriTech is preparing IPO with Mirae Asset, the Global Investments

6 February, 2020

IriTech announced on Feb. 6th, 2020 that it has signed a contract with Mirae Asset, a Global Investments company. Starting with this, IriTech plans to prepare for the KOSDAQ listing.

IriTech started its business as an incubator in Silicon Valley in 2000, and has been invested by Lockheed Martin, a global defense company.

In 2017, Frost & Sullivan was selected as the best company in biometric technology, leading the international standardization of iris recognition.

According to IriTech, in the Blockchain field, which is the foundation of the 4th generation industrial revolution, it is discussing cooperation with various companies, such as developing products for ID Management.

In relation to this, IriTech said, “Invited for ID management technology using iris recognition in the Blockchain field and KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) using IriTech technology, Invited at the AIBC Summit in November 2019. After introducing it as a speaker, we are discussing various businesses with the interest of many companies. ”