IriTech Newsletter – June 2016

14 June, 2016

Gemini Core Beta version – IriTech’s next-gen camera has been launched

Gemini module is the world‘s first long-range dual iris scanning module at extended capture range of 50 cm with side-gazing capability of ± 25 degrees, which can be utilized for the purpose of testing, evaluating or developing a wide range of applications across many different industries. (View demo video) (Read more)

Kenya Education Project Using IriTech’s Iris Technology Sponsored by Microsoft

IriTech and SafeKidz have partnered together to provide the iris mobile solution for 60 schools in Kenya. The project has recently sponsored by Microsoft. (Read more)

Biometric Authentication Market to Go Vibrant in India

Up to date, more than 1 billion people have been biometrically enrolled under the UIDAI project. With the Aadhaar enrollment stage is going to the finish line, the authentication market is expected to grow rapidly in the coming time and IriTech is proud to continue leading the market with more than 1 millions devices sold. (Read more)

Multi-modal Gemini Beta Version Launching 

IriTech has recently launched the Beta version of Gemini camera, a cost-effective solution, can capture face and dual iris at a long distance (40 cm – 55 cm) with side-gazing and outdoor capturing capability (± 25 degrees off-axis). (Read more)


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“Global multi-modal biometrics market 2016-2020” report with IriTech is listed as one of the 5 key vendors.

“Global Biometrics as a Service Market 2016-2020” report with IriTech is one of the dominating vendors.