IriTech partners with Patron to develop Embedded Camera Module featuring both Iris Identification and Eye Tracking functions for AR / VR / MR Devices

20 October, 2021

IriTech, Inc. announced that it is developing a camera module featuring both iris identification and eye tracking in one camera sensor with IR LEDs for AR / VR /MR devices, which are vital components of the Metaverse – and emerging and fast-growing market. The camera module will be manufactured by Patron Co., Ltd., the global leading Samsung-spun-off mobile camera module manufacturer. Iris biometrics is selected since it is more accurate and effective than facial and fingerprint counterparts, especially in AR / VR /MR devices, where there are camera sensors positioned very close to the eyes. The partnership comes amid a hot Metaverse and NFT market trend where Facebook, Microsoft, Nvidia, Fortnite’s owner Epic Games, and even Apple are investing billions of dollars on their Metaverse plans. Apple is allegedly developing a mixed reality device featuring eye tracking and iris recognition.

IriTech is known for its superior iris biometric technology with unique and breakthrough developments tailored for mobile applications such as eye-gazing detection and outdoor iris image capturing technology – an IriTech’s patented technology. Eye-gaze tracking is a by-product of IriTech’s iris recognition technology, which has been widely used by India’s and Philippines’ Nation ID projects, UNHCR, WFP, US Army, etc., because it needs to detect the exact pupil/iris and iris/sclera borders for iris template generation and matching.

Patron is a comprehensive electronic component provider. It is ranked #1 in mobile phone antenna and #2 in mobile phone camera module market shares.

“We are very excited about this partnership,” said Dr. Daehoon Kim, CEO/Founder of IriTech. “IriTech has possessed key software components needed for a successful AR/VR/MR device: fast eye-gaze tracking and accurate user identification including Deep Learning technology. With Patron’s expertise in camera sensor and optics design, we will be able to offer them in a compact and complete hardware and software package for optimal performance and cost.”

The combination can also be applied to automobile applications such as driver identification and drowsiness detection.

“Patron expects the demand for camera modules for AR/VR/MR devices will grow exponentially due to the recent big investments in Metaverse ecosystem from Facebook, Microsoft and the likes,” said Mr. Aiden Kim, VP of Partron and CMO of IriTech. “Existing devices usually use eye movement as a biometric identifier to identify the user but the accuracy of such biometric modality is not well studied. With IriTech’s technology, our solution will surely enjoy the top-notch accuracy for which iris biometrics is well-known.”

About IriTech, Inc.

Since its establishment in 2000, IriTech, Inc. has focused on developing the most advanced iris recognition technology and products. Its iris-matching algorithm was top ranked by NIST’s IREX test and widely used by several U.S. government agencies. IriTech is the only vendor achieving all three STQC certifications on iris cameras for enrollment, authentication, and mobile devices for the Indian government’s UIDAI project — an ambitious plan to issue biometric ID cards to 1.2 billion residents. Those cameras have also been used by UNHCR, UN WFP, US Army, and many other customers globally. For more information, please visit www.iritech.com.

About Partron Co., Ltd.

Partron spun off from Samsung Electro-Mechanics in 2003 to become the global leader in the electronic components industry. It was established with a motto to develop with customers by providing competitive and fast supply of product, and became the first partner to supply antenna, camera module, and various sensors to major smartphone models of Samsung Electronics through continuous technology development. It also provides components to South Korean domestic and oversea electronic products and automobile manufacturers.