IriTech to demo face and dual iris camera at Interpol World 2015

14 April, 2015

April 10, 2015 – IriTech announced it will promote its new multimodal camera, Gemini Camera system, at Interpol World 2015, held April 14-16 in Singapore.

First unveiled at the connect:ID last month in Washington DC, Gemini Camera is a multimodal camera that can simultaneously capture images of the face and both irises with a single camera sensor.

Multimodal capturing will enhance reliability and universality while the single camera keeps the solution cost-effective.

One of the main benefits of the Gemini is that it significantly lowers the time lag of iris recognition, which is typically caused by re-shoots of inexperienced users.

Gemini’s ‘side-gazing technology’ eliminates the need to align the eye to the camera, and instead, can function with a simple glance at the screen.

“The Gemini is optimal for access control for iris recognition that provides a high level of accuracy while providing an intuitive and easy experience, the value will increase for venues with high traffic where speed is a crucial factor,” said Jungwoon Ryu, marketing director at IriTech.

IriTech said it expects to launch the Gemini Camera by the third quarter.

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