IriTech unleashes an advanced Binocular Iris Scanner and a promising Cloud-based Iris Recognition.

14 March, 2022

Fairfax, Virginia – IriTech, Inc. has stepped up its iris recognition products by releasing IriShield Binocular (BK2121) and cloud-based iris recognition service (IriSecureID) this week, and offering worldwide users a powerful tool to customize and optimize their iris biometric plans.

Followed by IriShield Monocular series, IriShield Binocular is another hook-up iris scanner that facilitates a better image assessment as well as necessitates a broader approach to various projects. It addresses an improvement on the enrollment process that features on-board matching with the highest speed and accuracy. IriShield Binocular is primarily designed to adapt tougher environments and demanding requirements for countless developments – although it encompasses its family series in just the same way.

“Our announcement today is a decisive drive towards our product leverage. It has been a long while for us to produce IriShield Binocular, which will further reach out to a wider range of customers”, stated by Dr. Daehoon Kim, president of IriTech in his early discussion.

Together with a new complimentary set of iris scanners, IriTech eagerly introduces an evidently promising cloud-based iris recognition service. The aim of its cloud service is to make a right shot for those companies who own a moderate number of users or clients, and those who would like to reduce IT setup and maintenance cost by using cloud architecture. IriTech offers a more convenient way to access iris recognition functions including enrollment, identification, verification and de-duplication through web service interface which can be easily integrated into any enterprise applications.

“Customers don’t want to handle a heavy infrastructure that too much costly and at the same time investing another amount of money to implement an iris biometric project.” Dr. Kim explained. To clarify more on this concern, he emphasizes that “Our strong focus is still weighing on both high quality product and effective cost. Thus, upon this launching, we initiate a competitive pricing scheme that allows customers to develop their projects way more viable and efficient.”

IriTech believes that iris recognition will be soon awarded as a must-have identification method. Specifically, the company also points out that the world is now embracing high level of security that requires multi-factor authentication to take place. IriShield Binocular as well as iris recognition on the cloud will be surely capturing this intriguing portion. Whether it is personal or business, IriTech products preserve an innovative, vigorous and fast-moving iris recognition technology.