IriTech unveils a tablet device with iris biometric function

31 October, 2013

IriTech steps ahead and plans to introduce a new prototype of tablet device integrated with iris recognition camera in a few months more.

The “Tablet with iris” concept comes with a tremendous demand for a mobile device that integrated with iris biometrics for security purpose. While Apple is leading the market with the iPhone5S Fingerprint Sensor, a rumor about Samsung attaching eye-scanning in their next Galaxy S5 is spreading over the world. This is another rival step from IriTech to confirm their position in the biometrics industry.

“We are not a runner in this race. Our goal for this prototype is to define a new era for iris recognition technology generally and a benchmark for Iritech’s product particularly.” Dr. Daehoon Kim, CEO of IriTech, emphasized strongly.

Going through a long process from design concept to practical implementation, IriTech has successfully tested and addressed the strengths and weaknesses of introducing such technology at this time. In close cooperation with certain manufacturers, a small iris recognition camera module was sophisticatedly incorporated at the back of the tablet. Iris scanner has an infrared light that beaming into the eye, scanning and analyzing the iris features, which are unique to each human being. Furthermore, it allows users to easily capture irises and do the matching in seconds. Featuring a kind of robust and convenient usage, the tablet can be widely used in on-field industries that require hand-held applications.

IriTech is known for highly accurate matching algorithms, high image quality and fast capturing process. The company is now ready to make such impact on the secure mobility solutions. It is to believe that “Tablet with iris” will take a lead in the market once the demand peaks.