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    IriTracker is biometric attendance software running on Windows and Android system. By using IriShieldTM camera, an iris recognition device, IriTracker will be configured to maximize the security and efficiency of Time & Attendance control.

    IriTracker permits only authorized admins to supervise the Time & Attendance operation, especially powerful to Human Resource and Security Control. It provides total visibility of workforce with a highly accurate matching rate and eliminates errors from manual inputs and computation.

    IriTracker Client/Server is a value-added function which helps to centralize attendance data generated from different locations. With this comprehensive and ubiquitous solution, no matter where your employees clock-in or clock-out, all data will be centralized for a real time monitoring and efficient management.

    Key Benefits

    Eliminate time related disputes.

    Maximize employee productivity.

    Provide real time labor data.

    Save management expense.

    IriTracker Iris Time attendance system

    Descriptions &


    • Automated time & attendance control for small, medium and large size companies
    • Friendly and easy-to-use interface
    • Centralize attendance data generated from different locations.
    • Flexible and manageable solution allows the administrator to add, edit and remove employees.
    • Accurate and reliable time reports for payroll management.
    • Automated messaging delivery to disseminate information to one or more employees via bulletin board function.
    • Multi-languages supports localization and internationalization
    • Capable of working in the most biometrically unfriendly workplace


    • If there are too many employees or employees work in different locations, IriTracker needs to be installed in different device in different locations connected to server. When employees check in and out, all data will be transferred to host device.
    • If employees want to check in and out by their phone, they can install IriTracker software in their phone and plug Irishield camera in to verify their iris(es).