Mobile Iris Recognition Solution

17 December, 2021

Mobile devices are rapidly becoming a key computing platform, transforming how people access business and personal information which requires secure authentication. According to Markets and Markets, iris smartphone market is expected to grow at a CARG of 42.48% and reach USD 155.51 million by 2020.

With iris identification, mobile users can be authorized to access the phone in a blink, which is completely contactless. IriTech’s iris on mobile solution has been tested on 5000 people against 1 billion UIDAI database and certified by Indian Government’s STQC with remarkable real field FRR result = 0%. Another big advantage is that IriTech’s iris smartphone has outstanding performance in outdoor environment even under direct sunlight.

Video Demonstrations

IriTech’s iris recognition technology incorporated into a tablet camera

IriTech’s New Approach on Face & Iris Tracking

By the end of 2016, Apple manufacturer Foxconn and IriTech have partnered and launched iris-enabled smartphone in India under InFocus brand. In India, mobile has become a convenient and essential channel for public services delivery and myriad of other applications such as: time attendance, benefits distribution, SIM issuance, mobile payment, healthcare, etc.
Mobile Iris Recognition Solution

Currently IriTech is working with several major mobile manufacturers and big camera module manufacturers to implement iris mobile algorithm into different types of smartphones. With the huge application in a variety of industries, iris mobile business is seen as a core and major business sector for IriTech in the next 5 to 10 years.

Applications of iris mobile phone:

  • Mobile payment (FIDO Protocol)
  • Cyber-security including device login, single sign-on, file/folder/email encryption and application launch control
  • Internet of things (IoT) security such as car, wearables, mobile, smart home, etc.

Superiority of IriTech’s iris camera module:

  • Powered by top-notch iris image quality assessment algorithm tested by NIST
  • Proven accuracy by STQC certification FRR = 0% at FAR = 1e-5
  • Outstanding performance under direct sunlight
  • Side gazing image capture at +/- 25 degrees
  • Liveness detection
  • Cost effectiveness

What exactly to be modified into a phone?

Step 1: Replace existing camera with IriTech’s IR iris camera of comparable material cost

Step 2: Embed IriTech’s algorithms into the phone’s processor/OS to maximize security


Mobile Iris Recognition Solution - Iritech