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IriTech and IBCT partner with two more companies on biometric data hubs

7 August, 2022

IriTech and its partner, the South Korean Institute of Blockchain Technology (IBCT), are teaming with ID vendor Integra Micro Systems and Pennant, a marketing consulting company, to develop proof-of-concept technologies for a decentralized ID and iris recognition wallet. The technology will reportedly demonstrate that the Aadhaar biometric information system can be used for ID verification […]

Iris biometrics integrated with DIDH for ‘most secured’ data system for blockchain, metaverse

5 August, 2022

Iris biometrics specialist IriTech and fellow South Korean firm Institute of Blockchain Technology (IBCT), which specializes in decentralized data platforms for blockchain, have established a joint venture to create a self-sovereign storage solution that they call the “most secured system in blockchain/metaverse application.” The use of iris biometrics would mean one wallet per person, and […]

IriTech specializing in iris recognition, and IBCT specializing in Blockchain DIDH* establish Joint Venture

22 July, 2022

– Big synergy effect in security by combining the Blockchain and Biometric – Providing a security system that meets the GDPR (European Personal Information Protection Standard) – Most effective way for protecting sensitive information/data   IriTech, a leading company in iris recognition solutions, and Institute of  Blockchain Technology (IBCT), a leading company in the blockchain […]

IriTech unleashes an advanced Binocular Iris Scanner and a promising Cloud-based Iris Recognition.

14 March, 2022

Fairfax, Virginia – IriTech, Inc. has stepped up its iris recognition products by releasing IriShield Binocular (BK2121) and cloud-based iris recognition service (IriSecureID) this week, and offering worldwide users a powerful tool to customize and optimize their iris biometric plans. Followed by IriShield Monocular series, IriShield Binocular is another hook-up iris scanner that facilitates a […]

IriTech and Egistec partner to target mobile devices and VR/AR manufacturers

22 February, 2022

FAIRFAX, Va., February 22, 2017 – IriTech, Inc., a leading iris-based identity management technology solutions company enters a co-promotion agreement with Egis Technology Inc., a leading global provider of fingerprint sensors. While IriTech is well known for its iris cameras and software utilized by global governments, such as the Indian government’s UIDAI project, and United […]

IriTech partners with Patron to develop Embedded Camera Module featuring both Iris Identification and Eye Tracking functions for AR / VR / MR Devices

20 October, 2021

IriTech, Inc. announced that it is developing a camera module featuring both iris identification and eye tracking in one camera sensor with IR LEDs for AR / VR /MR devices, which are vital components of the Metaverse – and emerging and fast-growing market. The camera module will be manufactured by Patron Co., Ltd., the global […]

Iritech, Inc. to Become a Partner of MOSIP’s Compliance Program

17 March, 2021

IriTech, Inc. is one of very few iris providers who owns all in-house proprietary technologies vital for deploying any scalable end-to-end iris ecosystem. IriTech provides a wide variety of products ranging from software to hardware. In terms of the signature lines, IriShield and Gemini are the perfect candidates considering their cost-effective price and excellent quality. […]

What Happens Next for Aviation Industry?

11 March, 2021

The unprecedented outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic has heavily impacted large parts of the world economy. The global aviation industry is amongst those severely affected sectors with 60% decline in world total air passengers in 2020, according to a recent report from ICAO. Even when the crisis has passed, the aviation industry is expected to experience […]

New Biometrics Trend in COVID-19

26 February, 2021

New Biometrics Trend in COVID-19 With the outbreak of COVID-19 global pandemic, all sectors in the economy have been severely affected, including biometrics. These impacts on companies, developers, investors and customers in biometrics field are considered to be significant in the likely short and long-term period. What is clear is that biometrics is among the […]