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Iris recognition has been adopted widely in different industries: law enforcement, banking, mobile, health care, education, transportation, etc.

Financial Sectors - IriTech
Financial Sectors

14 March, 2022

Since iris recognition is considered one of the most advanced methods of security, it is becoming the solution of choice for many banks, financial institutions, investment firms and payment systems. Using iris as a replacement for passwords, PINs, plastic cards, account numbers or paper-based credentials, etc would result in faster transaction time that leave the […]

e-commerce iris recognition application

14 March, 2022

E-commerce is considered as an outcome of globalization and technology outbreak of the 21st century. The consistency on Internet privacy protection plays an important role to boost the development of e-commerce. However security protection for the consumers is still posing a barrier to the growth of e-commerce at this time. Global consumers are constantly looking […]

Transportation and Travel - Application of Iris Recognition Technology
Transportation and Travel

14 March, 2022

With the increasing occurrence of terrorist attack, global institutions and governments are putting intense efforts into minimizing the security risks. Biometrics integrated with security system can not only address these vulnerabilities and up the security level of transportation facilities but also reduce the risk of theft or sabotage of cargo for commercial trucks by verifying […]

Education Sector - Application of Iris Recognition
Education Sector

14 March, 2022

Biometrics in schools has long been used primarily in developed countries such as the UK and US. With the use of iris technology, it can address many problems occurring from elementary to university such as truancy, library books borrowing, cashless canteen systems, vending machines, class attendance, payment into schools and home/school bus journeys. Schools will […]

Healthcare Biometrics - Iris Technology
Healthcare Biometrics

14 March, 2022

With impending changes to the Health Care system and as medical record management experiences adjust to technology, patient identification method will undeniably follow the path. A combination of password, identification card and iris images can be used for secure access to sensitive records. The patient registration requirements are typically used across numerous tablet devices within […]

Law Enforcement - Application of Iris Technology
Law Enforcement

14 March, 2022

Law enforcement management is a potential application that allows the government to combat terrorism, prevent crimes, apprehend and prosecute offenders, amongst other duties. Utilizing the security and accuracy of iris recognition technology, law enforcement will save the backdrop of contemporary security challenges bordering on terrorism, high incidence of car theft, carjacking, kidnappings and other acts […]

PC Protection - Application of Iris Recognition Technology
PC Protection

14 March, 2022

It is estimated when one database is corrupted or compromised, it can cause a hug cost to organization with thousands of dollars loss for recovery. As matter of fact, protection of application and data on PC, laptop has maintained a top concern and priority for global enterprises. Utilizing the high level of security and accuracy […]

Mobility and The Internet of Thing - Application of Iris Recognition
Mobility and The Internet of Thing

14 March, 2022

With millions of mobile and wearable devices are being used and connected through internet all over the world, the need of being able to prove your identity in the digital world is increasing drastically. Apparently, the use of biometrics in authentication is embracing mobile and wearable technology. This will truly leverage the adoption of biometrical […]