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IriShield Series

IriShield™ Series includes ultra-compact, auto-capture iris scanners, complete with on-board iris recognition and a PKI-based security infrastructure that ensures end-to-end data security. IriShield™ Series features IriTech’s superior iris matching and iris image quality assessment algorithms to provide good quality images and avoid false positives while maximizing true positive identification rates. The embedded algorithms can complete […]

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IriSentinel Series

IriSentinel continues the quality legacy of IriShield™, outstanding performance in addition to its versatility, compact factor and cost effectiveness. IriSentinel is a compact embedded system that consists of an Automated Iris Acquisition Service which coordinates a Realtime Quality Evaluator, an Iris Segmentation engine and an ISO/IEC 19794-4 Iris Data Record Generator to capture qualified iris […]

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Gemini series

Gemini-Venus is a unique technology solution aiming to provide developers a smooth and seamless development experience by allowing utmost flexibility to build vast applications in multiple industries. Gemini-Venus is a small form-factor module storing up to 5000 templates, which leverages the use of Gemini in local recognition or in heterogeneous system.

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