IriTech’s iris recognition software offers the accuracy and power you need to capture and manage large numbers of iris images.

IriCore - IriTech Iris Recognition Technology 2

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IriCore is the next generation of IrisSDK that has been improved tremendously in terms of accuracy and matching speed. IriCore utilizes the new template format that are more compact for network transmission or storage in smartcards and can support up-to-date ISO image formats.

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IriCoreLite is an iris recognition library that provides various application programming interfaces (APIs) and functions to be used for developers or integrators to develop iris recognition-based applications. IriCoreLite is designed for large-scale iris identification applications on PC and enterprise applications using IriTech’s iris scanners on Windows and Linux platforms. IriCoreLite consists of various accurate iris segmentation and fast […]


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IriTracker is biometric attendance software running on Windows and Android system. By using IriShieldTM camera, an iris recognition device, IriTracker will be configured to maximize the security and efficiency of Time & Attendance control. IriTracker permits only authorized admins to supervise the Time & Attendance operation, especially powerful to Human Resource and Security Control. It provides total visibility of workforce with a highly […]


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IriMaster™ is IriTech’s state-of-the-art middleware server software that provides a complete set of iris recognition related functions (enroll, verify, identify, de-duplicate). IriMaster™ is designed to make integration into a legacy enterprise infrastructure easy and to meet the challenges of large-scale biometric identification systems such as national ID programs, Customs and Border Protection immigration systems, and access control […]