IriTech’s assortment of iris camera hardware offers flexible and simplified integration for creating iris recognition solutions.

Iris Solution For AR/VR icon-right-m.svg

Among biometric modalities, iris recognition seems to be more suitable for AR/VR than the others because the device mostly covers the eye part. IriTech’s Iris Solution for AR/VR, Iris OEM module can be integrated into the device with NIR LED to capture the user’s iris and do eye-tracking at the same time. However, the current […]

Iris Solution for Vaccine Passport icon-right-m.svg

The concept of Vaccine Passport or Vaccine Certificate rolling out as a result of an unexpected outbreak of global COVID-19 pandemic has created public controversy upon its application. Ever since, several systems have been proposed to tackle the long-lasting effects, generating numerous solutions to hopefully bring back the pre-pandemic normality. The two most concerning issues […]

Iris Solution for Automotive icon-right-m.svg

Thanks to its well-known high accuracy, robustness, non-touch nature, and the ability to work in dark environment, iris recognition is making its way into car applications. Markets and Markets research firm predicted that the iris automotive market will grow from USD 51.02 million in 2013 to USD 215.25 million by 2020, at a CAGR of […]

Mobile Iris Recognition Solution icon-right-m.svg

Mobile devices are rapidly becoming a key computing platform, transforming how people access business and personal information which requires secure authentication. According to Markets and Markets, iris smartphone market is expected to grow at a CARG of 42.48% and reach USD 155.51 million by 2020. With iris identification, mobile users can be authorized to access […]

Cloud-based Iris Recognition Solution icon-right-m.svg

IriSecureID is a cloud-based service providing variety of iris recognition functions including enrollment, verification, identification, and de-duplication to applications and enterprise service developers. IriSecureID is deployed as Web Services which make it easy to integrate into any existing applications. As a cloud-based service, which is highly scalable and available it can be applicable for a […]