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What is MDS software package? icon-up-b.svg

MDS Package software package is used to support MOSIP Device Specification. There are two software applications in the package: the IriSentinel MDS Service and the IriSentinel Client Management Service software. These two software applications are the Windows services which manage iris capturing processes, register, upgrade devices, etc.

The device is connected to PC, but Windows does not recognize it. How to fix this problem? icon-up-b.svg

First, kindly check wire connection between device and host.
Second, check if the device driver is installed properly. If not, please reinstall it.

Why does Client Management Windows show “DEVICE_BUSY” message or ”available = false”? icon-up-b.svg

The Management Client or other services could access device to do some task such as automatically initialize, at that time device will be busy and you can’t access it using Client Management Windows. Or there is other application which is using device, please check and turn off that application.

Why did I receive ‘Invalid device serial number’ when press on button ‘Init’? icon-up-b.svg

Please contact us via website https://www.iritech.com/contact-us to get support.

Why did I receive “SERVER_COMMUNICATION_ERROR”? icon-up-b.svg

First, kindly check your internet connection.
If internet connection is OK, please contact us via website https://www.iritech.com/contact-us to get support.

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