Top 6 Proven Benefits of Iris Recognition Technology

20 October, 2022

Top 6 benefits iris recognition technology


The usage of iris recognition technology as a biometric identification method has proliferated over the recent years. Numerous organizations of public and private sectors have incorporated iris-based biometric technology into their infrastructures. It becomes more common now to use iris recognition technology to unlock apps and gadgets, to confirm a person’s identity, apply for an e-passport, secure a cryptocurrency wallet, and a plethora of other activities. In this blog, we will discuss top 6 proven benefits of iris recognition technology compared to other biometric approaches.

What is Iris Recognition?

Iris recognition or iris scanning is a biometric identification method that uses iris images captured under near-infrared light. Iris recognition modality verifies and authenticates an individual’s identity based on the unique characteristics and pattern of the ring-shaped region surrounding the pupil.

In comparison to other biometric methods such as fingerprint scanning, voice authentication, facial recognition, iris recognition is known as the most accurate.

How Does Iris Recognition Work?

In iris recognition systems, the iris enrollment and identification procedure typically involve four main steps:

1. Capturing Iris Images: Camera captures high-quality images of the iris and its unique features. For taking more precise and finely detailed images, they might use visible or near-infrared light to increase the accuracy.

2. Checking Compliance: To make sure the captured image is good enough to use for enrollment or authentication, the next step is to carry out quality and compliance checks. At this stage, a specialized software is intervened to examine each image’s critical qualities such as the sharpness, iris pupil contrast, iris sclera contrast, grey-level spread, pupil dilation, eyelid /eyelash occlusion, etc.

3. Compressing Image: Then, the iris-scanning image needs to be compressed into PNG lossless compression format to preserve image quality and avoid image distortions.

4. Creating Biometric Template for Matching: Ultimately, the captured image is converted into a template for iris matching.

Benefits of Iris Recognition Compared to Other Biometric Methods

Since iris recognition method is based on the fact that each person’s iris has unique characteristics and patterns, it brings many benefits for identification and authentication when comparing to other biometric approaches.

1. Contactless

Iris recognition offers a contactless approach which is less intrusive for end users to use. Unlike fingerprint scanning, iris scanning can be performed without any physical contact which ensures hygiene. With an advanced iris scanner and specialized software, it enables capturing on a distance with ease.

2. Accurate & Reliable

Iris Recognition is an innovative biometric authentication method that is deemed to be the most effective solution in accuracy and reliability.

3. Fast Matching

In term of matching speed, iris recognition technology has been identified as one of the fastest methods for biometric identification, thanks to its sophisticated iris recognition algorithms.

IriCore is an iris recognition SDK developed by IriTech for many years. IriCore’s iris recognition algorithms have been evaluated and proven by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to be solid and well performance in both accuracy and matching speed.

4. Secure

Iris has a number of intriguing characteristics, unlike other biometric traits such as fingerprints or face. Iris is an internal organ part that is well-protected and hence difficult to change, also extremely difficult to spoof.

Currently, iris recognition technology also enables the ability of liveness detection of the iris. Iris scanner can detect the movements of the iris, therefore eliminating the risk of forged access. This is why iris recognition provides the highest level of security.

5. Persistent

As iris patterns do not change much when people grow, mathematical patterns of irises remain unchanged throughout the life. It implies that iris scanning has a very long lifespan as an identity verification tool.

6. Flexible & Scalable

Iris recognition method is extremely flexible. Iris scanning devices allow the usage in different conditions of light such as in the dark, in natural light or in direct sunlight. Because of its flexibility, iris recognition has been deployed in many government projects for National ID, Immigration, Law Enforcement, Healthcare services, Education, etc.

IriTech Iris Recognition Technology

IriTech is a global leader in iris recognition with 27 patents in total which consists of 7 granted patents in USA and 20 patents in Korea. Some of IriTech’s highlighted features include:

  • Outdoor Capturing Under Direct Sunlight
  • Liveness Detection
  • Iris Recognition with Capturing Dual Iris and Face
  • Locked Code Method

Leading in iris recognition technology, IriTech delivers the most advanced iris recognition products and software with competitive price in the market. Here are some of them:

  • IriShield & IriSentinel series: iris scanners (both Encased products and OEM modules)
  • IriKey: secure crypto wallet that utilizes iris biometrics
  • IriCore: Iris recognition SDK packaged with superior matching algorithms.
  • IriTracker: Access control / Time & Attendance applications with built-in iris recognition system
  • And much more: Gemini series, IriMaster, etc.

Should you be interested in IriTech’s products & software, please do not hesitate to contact us.