Transportation and Travel

14 March, 2022

With the increasing occurrence of terrorist attack, global institutions and governments are putting intense efforts into minimizing the security risks. Biometrics integrated with security system can not only address these vulnerabilities and up the security level of transportation facilities but also reduce the risk of theft or sabotage of cargo for commercial trucks by verifying access to car with iris templates on the key or live iris.

The most notable trend is the increasing adoption of biometrics data including facial, fingerprint and iris to travel documents or diver licenses in many countries in North America, Middle East and Europe. And definitely iris technology with high level of accuracy and security is an indispensable choice for these security systems.

IriTech‘s products can be applied to enhance security and efficiency of transportation and travel as the below table:

Hardware Software
  • Irishield Series
  • Iris SDK
  • IriCore