Visit IriTech at ISC West 2014

10 March, 2014

Advanced iris-based mobile technology demonstration from IriTech, Inc. and the recently launched Iris Cameras of IriShield Family Series

IriTech is excited to welcome you at IriTech’s Booth #40831 for a remarkable demonstration of our newly developed iris-based iris mobile device and its application. Upon this occasion, IriTech would like to share another milestone on being the first and so far only vendor who obtained the STQC Certification for its iris cameras to be used in India’s UID authentication market.

What’s NEW at IriTech this year?

The next generation of IriShield Family Series (IriShield) is featured our superior iris algorithms emphasizing on the cost-effectiveness for security and biometric solutions. IriShield exhibits exceptional brilliance with strong distinctness of accuracy, high security, robust performance, ease of applications, quality assurance, and excellent functions.

Iris-based Mobile Device

An iris module is integrated into the tablet/smartphone from which it allows a person to capture his/her iris image directly. Watch our demo here.

Dual Face and Eye Capturing on Mobile Device

This technology combines the face and eye tracking by utilizing a smartphone or tablet’s camera sensor to easy capture both face and eye. Watch our demo here.

Software Application Set

Developed to work with IriShield iris cameras. An exclusive demonstration of our three typical applications will be shown for your comprehension.

Cloud-based Iris Recognition ServiceIriSecureID

Data & Device SecurityForYourIrisOnly SW

Biometric Time & AttendanceIriTracker SW

Welcome and we are glad to share more with you at our Booth #40831!

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