WISeKey Tech to Protect IriTech IP

18 December, 2017

Iris recognition specialist IriTech is adopting WISeKey security for its government ID activities: The companies have announced that the latter’s VaultC secure elements solutions will be used to help protect IriTech’s intellectual property.

The partnership appears to have been prompted by IriTech’s work on Aadhaar, India’s pioneering national biometric ID program. IriTech provides iris recognition technology for use in the program, and is the only iris biometrics supplier to receive full Standardization Testing and Quality Certification for the program from the Indian government. That being the case, IriTech’s IP “has to be protected against theft and piracy for commercial and state security reasons,” as the companies put the matter in a statement announcing their partnership.

To that end, IriTech is leveraging VaultC security, which uses digital signatures and other cryptographic mechanisms to protect data. WISeKey Brand Protection & Wearable Security Business Unit Director Olivier Debelleix says it’s the product of expertise “developed during more than 25 years in government and banking applications,” and that it’s instrumental in offering “the best hardware/software digital security combination to defend the most sensitive assets against growing cyber threats.”

For IriTech’s part, CEO Daniel Kim says “VaultIC was an obvious choice to help us protect our many years of investments in R&D and to provide our solutions with a governmental grade security level,” an assertion that should prove reassuring to the billion-plus stakeholders in India’s Aadhaar program.

Ref: https://findbiometrics.com/wisekey-tech-protect-iritech-ip-412132/