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How can I check the RDService validity for my iris camera? icon-up-b.svg

If you are using IriShield-USB MK2120UL, please check the RDService validity of your device at the link below: https://certificates1.bioenabletech.com/device-renew/check-validity 

If you are using other device models, please kindly contact the seller who provided the device or RDService last time for the support.

How can I purchase RDService for my device? icon-up-b.svg

If you are using IriShield-USB MK2120UL model, please contact Mr. Binod Mathai (Phone: +91 98450 25278) for the support.

If you are using IriShield-USB MK2120U, please kindly contact the previous seller for the support. This is an old model with 5cm capture; and the RDService was given by a third party (Access Computers'(ACPL) Baroda).

How to resolve "Device is not connected" problem? icon-up-b.svg

First, please check if the cable is working properly for other devices.

If you are using Android, please find the quick instruction to connect our IriShield into an Android phone and the requirements for connection in the following link:


In case you are using MK2120UL device, please follow instructions on “How to install and initialize RDService for IriShield-USB MK2120UL device?” as of below for further details.

How to install and initialize RDService for IriShield-USB MK2120UL device? icon-up-b.svg

  • Step 1: Check RDService validity for the device at the following link


If your device is not valid for RDService, please contact the seller for RDService validity.

  • Step 2: If the device is valid for RDService, let’s install RDService and RDService extension packages at the following link
  • Step 3: Open the “IriShield USB MK2120UL Client Management” application and check if “Init” function is successful.
  • Step 4: Check if the MK2120UL was installed RDService successfully at the link below


  • Documents: RDService User’s Guide can be found at the link below


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