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What Happens Next for Aviation Industry?

11 March, 2021

The unprecedented outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic has heavily impacted large parts of the world economy. The global aviation industry is amongst those severely affected sectors with 60% decline in world total air passengers in 2020, according to a recent report from ICAO. Even when the crisis has passed, the aviation industry is expected to experience […]

New Biometrics Trend in COVID-19

26 February, 2021

New Biometrics Trend in COVID-19 With the outbreak of COVID-19 global pandemic, all sectors in the economy have been severely affected, including biometrics. These impacts on companies, developers, investors and customers in biometrics field are considered to be significant in the likely short and long-term period. What is clear is that biometrics is among the […]

IriTech is preparing IPO with Mirae Asset, the Global Investments

6 February, 2020

IriTech announced on Feb. 6th, 2020 that it has signed a contract with Mirae Asset, a Global Investments company. Starting with this, IriTech plans to prepare for the KOSDAQ listing. IriTech started its business as an incubator in Silicon Valley in 2000, and has been invested by Lockheed Martin, a global defense company. In 2017, […]

IriShield-USB MK 2120U should not be sold in India

16 December, 2019

IriTech would like to announce that IriShield-USB MK 2120U iris camera model should not be sold in India since STQC-certification is expired. It is replaced by the new IriShield-USB MK 2120UL model.

IriKey – Iris-based Secure ID Management for Blockchain Applications

27 November, 2019

FAIRFAX, VA, November 27, 2019 –Online transactions have become a dominant force in the modern era with mobile phones easing access to consumers. With increasing sophistication, cybercrime and hacking has been on the increase. With the current ease of use of online transactions, the issue of access to this personal and financial information has become […]

IriTech partners with Penta Security Systems to equip its IriKey Hardware Wallet with PALLET – the leading Crypto Asset and Transaction Management Solutions

24 September, 2019

FAIRFAX, VA, September 24th, 2019 – IriTech, Inc. today announced that it has partnered with Penta Security Systems, a leading data security vendor, to equip its IriKey iris hardware wallet with the latter’s well-known PALLET framework. IriKey is a breakthrough hardware wallet that utilizes IriTech’s technology to lock a seed/key with the user’s iris data. […]

Meet us at Connect:ID 2019 in Washington DC

19 April, 2019

Date: April 30 – May 1, 2019 Venue: Walter E Washington Convention Center, Washington DC, USA Free entry registration: https://secure.terrapinn.com/V5/step1.aspx?E=9980&p=1 IriTech cordially invite you to visit us at Connect:ID 2019 exhibition in 2 days from April 30 – May 1. This year, the event will bring together 1,500 industry experts in identity technologies including biometrics, […]

IriTech CEO was invited to speak for Blockchain Summit at MWC19 Shanghai

11 April, 2019

Ref: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20190411005252/en/Global-Leaders-Stage-MWC-Shanghai-2019  The MWC19 Shanghai conference programme is held over three days in Hall N5 of the SNIEC with global leaders and CEO speakers from more than 20 countries and regions. Topics include 5G, artificial intelligence, banking and telecoms convergence, blockchain, data trust and security, global devices, future mobility and smart cities, among others. Returning […]

GoChain Partners with Leading Iris Biometric Company IriSafe for Joint Development of Blockchain Identity Management Solutions

6 March, 2019

RENO, Nev., Mar. 6th, 2019 – GoChain today announced it has partnered with IriSafe, Inc. and Blockchain Industries, Inc. (OTCPK: BCII) to develop blockchain-based identity management solutions. IriSafe is a Singapore-based joint venture between IriTech, Inc. and Blockchain Industries, Inc. IriTech has provided identity solutions to various governments, including the United Nations, United States, and […]